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Commercial mortgages are work-intensive at the best of times, but last year's tightened lending landscape and plummeting property values made closing these types of deals even more daunting. Fortunately, 1st Coastal Commercial Capital and it's affiliates, are commercial mortgage banker's with their own funds as well as correspondence with many of the larger financing institutions and direct relationships with other funding sources and we are also brokers. We have sources, knowledge and experience on our side and we extend it to our partner relationships with other brokers as well. We have closed billions of dollars of real estate across al spectrums of property types.
"We provide a good value-added service to our broker clients because of our access to various sources of capital," says 1st Coastal Commercial Capital president Don Gurney. "The rates and terms that we have access to for commercial mortgages are as good if not better than what you're going to find at the bank and we are lending where most banks can't or wont .Our sources of capital comes from our access to more than 500 institutional lenders, including banks, mutual funds, pension funds, life insurance companies, trust companies and private investors. What makes us unique is the process that we employ to screen our deals and make sure that they have a chance of being funded before we pass it along to our investors. This is huge advantage from a brokers stand point. It gives them some certainty that the deal can get done before they waste to much time.

If brokers go directly to a financial institution for funding, there is a good chance they will be cut off from the deal process, whereas at 1st Coastal Commercial Capital brokers are kept in the loop until the deal is approved and funded. Most brokers don't have direct access to the lenders. 1st Coastal Commercial Capital has that access and because of our volume of business and our relationships that we have built up over the years, we typically get preferential treatment which allows us the opportunity to get the best rate and terms for our broker clients. In this kind of marketplace, lenders are still going to be extremely cautious with what they do and how they do it and with whom they do it.
Here is the Deal

For commercial mortgage brokers who are serious about making money. We are not only broker friendly (let me remind you we are lenders and brokers) but we see our relationship with you as a valuable, collaborative and a profitable venture. You decide the level of participation that you wish to be involved with. You can either stay in complete control of your clients loan or have us navigate the transaction. Your fee would normally be no less than 1% of the mortgage amount and in some cases more. Because most of our Brokers prefer to go out and get the deals and bring them in. It works best for them because they don't have to be involved in all the tedious paper work and follow up phone calls.

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Here is the Process

• Find your client

• Submit your executive summary or scenario

• The review team analyses your deal

• We define the best funding source for the client

• We collect all the pertinent documentation

• We issue the letter of interest

• All reports are ordered

• Loan is in process

• Settlement is scheduled

• The deal is closed

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